What is the C4?

The C4 is a facilitator and mediator of partnerships, of education, and of consensus building, and creates the space for a robust climate justice movement in our community. C4 will provide spaces for partners and residents to engage, resolve conflicts, build strategies, share resources, align vision, and most importantly shift the focus of environmental work to be more equitable.

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Our Vision

Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and historically white environmental organizations will dismantle extractive systems and build new systems to address climate change – centered in human wellbeing, the interconnectedness of life, and access to shared leadership.

An Introduction to Climate Justice

Climate justice is a concept that addresses the just division, fair sharing, and equitable distribution of the benefits and burdens of climate change and responsibilities to deal with climate change.

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—Joe Jones

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Break it Down — The Need for C4

The Problems

Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) are more disproportionately negatively impacted by climate change.

BIPOC aren’t authentically and consistently represented in the current environmental and climate movement

Grand Rapids lacks a solid and stable infrastructure to challenge systemic barriers necessary to make bold changes necessary for a just climate future

Climate change is both urgent and long-term

Lack of awareness and understanding surrounding climate change, diversity, equity, inclusion, and climate justice

The Solutions

Together we can provide resources directly to community members and activists of color impacted by climate change to self-identify solutions

Redefine values and resources in a give-take relationship between individuals and organization representatives

Leverage a stronger network of organizations and community leaders to develop short-term and long-term strategies to increase impact

Address urgent and systemic needs simultaneously

Increase awareness and understanding of climate change, diversity, equity, inclusion and climate justice

Our values

How we strive to be

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The C4 will care for people and the environment simultaneously, not one or the other.

Protect people
& the environment

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The C4 will address marginalization and seat BIPOC communities at the tables of power, resources, and decision.


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The C4 will disrupt unjust political and social affairs, and work to create a just future for BIPOC communities.

Challenge the
Status Quo

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Create a sense of community, inclusive of all races, ethnicities, ages, abilities, income, immigration status, orientations, etc...


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Recognizing that all people and the environment depend upon each other for wellbeing.


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The C4 will bring BIPOC people to the decision making table, resource them, give them a voice and a vote. 50% of the C4 Leadership Team must be BIPOC, including representation from Black, LatinX, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American, and youth (16-25 yrs old).


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The C4 will grant BIPOC real control over their own actions and participation. C4 will not “manage” the BIPOC community.

Honor and
Support Agency

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The C4 will remove obstacles that prevent individuals from participating fully in the C4, resourcing them with position, voice, and dollars.

Dismantle Barriers
To Access

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The C4 Leadership, staff, and contractors will mirror the diversity of the GR communities they serve and partner with.


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The C4 asks all who join the C4 Movement to uphold the values and norms the C4 have established.

Honor Community

Keep up with us in our journey for climate justice

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Getting Started: 2019 - 2022

The C4 Planning Team created the infrastructure needed to launch a 3-year pilot. This infrastructure includes a vision statement, values, community agreements and Leadership Team governance. We also sketched out a 3-year plan and accompanying budget to launch and pilot the C4. Review our 3 year plan, key budget items, and understand
how C4 is set up to elevate marginalized voices in Grand Rapids.

How to Get Involved?

The plan is designed to be inclusive of companies, organizations, and individuals, including youth, who are committed to achieving the C4’s vision through the established values, community agreements and Leadership Team governance.

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